Automate Mouse, Keyboard and Other Windows Actions

Auto Mouse Click Editor to view, add, and edit mouse clicks

Record & Playback Mouse and Keyboard

Macro Recorder for Windows

Monitor Screen Changes and Take Configured Actions

Screen Monitor Software

Automate Mouse Movements to Keep your Windows Computer Active

Main Screen of Auto Mouse Mover Utility to Configure Automatic Mouse Movements

Auto Clicker to Automate Mouse Clicking

Auto Clicker to click mouse automatically

Clear Clipboard Automatically after Ctrl + V

Screenshot of Auto Clear Clipboard Software Utility

Control Dual Monitors Connected to your Windows Computer

Turn Off Dual Monitors or Enable / Disable with customizable System Tray Screenshot of Dual Display Software Utility

Turn Off Monitor with Software Utility

Turn Off Monitor System Tray Icon

Control Computer with ScreenSaver

Screenshot of MurGee Screen Saver Settings